Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Return of the King

Hello folks, happy new year. Quite busy, lately. But today i spent a few hours to make a drawing of a special person. A drawing of a king. Thierry Daniel Henry, the king of Highbury.

A few days ago, Arsene Wenger has "borrowed" Henry from New York Red-bull for two months service. He will not be the number one person like before because we already have Robin van Persie. The departure of Henry was just a bonus in this hard season. He's a late Christmas present for all Gooners.

And sometime, the late present can turn out to be the sweetest one. In his debut last night, as a sub, he scored the only goal in that match. And he scored with his lovely iconic touch. He wore number 12 shirt (his 14 shirt is already belong to Theo Walcott). That was his 12th match against Leeds United and his only goal was his 12th goal to Leeds United.

Not a beautiful match played by our side, but a beautiful day for us to have you again, our king.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.

As a gift, i give you the wallpaper of him saluting the warm greeting of Emirates Stadium at the end of that game.