Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Abomination of a Nation (sneak peek)

Our great Government breeds monsters in our own land. They were be fed, maintained, and unleashed in our own land. And with the blessing of our great Government, we live with them. We live with monsters that was bred and trained to spoil the life of our nation. And you can see one of them on the picture below.

ps: I will share the full illustration in a few days. Keep watching.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


I like sushi and i love Arale Chan. They are really adorable :) But if you ask me to describe Japan in one word, all i can say is: Spirit. It means Philosophy, discipline, perfection and consistency for a goal and their goodness. Event an atomic bomb or a great tsunami can't defeat their spirit to be a great nation. Japan for me is great spirit. And there's no any other country can match their spirit. Ganbatte!

I made this artwork as a submission for "Stand for Japan" contest on eyeka.com.  Today, is the announcement day and i've lost it. But hell with that. I really love the process and i'm proud with the final artwork :)

And tomorrow will be a better day for me, my luck and yours. So, keep the good spirit, folks!