Monday, 23 April 2012

Under the Sea

This is the "Under the Sea" post for Pictogram. It's a fat shark who want to befriend to all of creatures there. He makes his skin bright and vivid like a clown fish but he can't hide his great set of razor sharp teeth. So lets pray for his luck. And my luck as well, to win this challenge :)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Monday, lads.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Do you remember the previous post? An artwork i made for "the Beatles Song" challange on Pictogram. I won that challange and i suggested "Greece" as a topic for the new challenge. And this is my submitted artwork for the challenge. A jerk-ass cyclops. I hope you like it as the members there.

Yes, i won, hehe.. A good consecutive win. And for the next challenge, "Under the Sea" is the topic. I hope it will be good idea to be explored.

Happy monday, Lads!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


At January 2012, me with my friends Markus and Lala made an activity group on facebook called, Pictogram. Group of illustration lover. You don't have to be a great illustrator and painter to be in it. What we need is an active passionate illustration lover who want to draw, interact, put some comments and share any positive action for others.

Just draw, post, interact with others and be good. We have 24 different challanging topics each year and all of them will be suggested from the winner of the previous challenge.

It's an experimental project for us, but in our first four months, we got lots of talented member and good responses from them. So i hope it will be a good place for all of us.

Oh anyway, after fuckin' four months, finally i won a challange. The member were hard to be pleased, really. They need an artwork with a total effort from you then you'll get their thumbs. That was "The Beatles" challenge and i painted an annoying giant walrus and i won.

Live long for Pictogram!