Monday, 6 June 2011


Sorry for a long absence. Too much to do with my new job and my new comitment with my daily illustrated journal. They takes almost of my time. So, in this busy year, I have to take a big great getaway. And the destination is BALI :) I will be there on October.

And in this hectic day, a friend of mind send me a photo from her BB phone. She makes me smile and envy at the same time. It's a Silhouette of her profile, at a beach. Yes, a beach in Bali. Very pretty. An offer i can't resist. I drew her -_-

Have a nice final day, unyu. Please be my tour guide on October :)


  1. loh kok aku kelewat liat yg ini ?? 0__0 ini media apa ko ?? suka texture nyaa ! =D

  2. han > sotosop sok2 bikin kaya pensil di kertas bertekstur