Friday, 2 September 2011

Tribute to Mr. Bolland

I got this beautiful image from my friend, Octa, two years ago. It's a (scanned) quick sketch by Briand Bolland. The artist beyond one of the greatest Batman saga, The Killing Joke. With the genius writer, Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell), Mr Bolland produced that marvelous tale ot the caped crusader and his greatest villain, The Joker.

Actually, i asked my friend to get the autograph and a little sketch from Mr Bolland at STGCC 09 at Singapore. But i wasn't lucky enough to get what i wanted. I only got this one. A scanned picture of the drawing. Damn!

And today, with that sketch, i made something different. I gave him color, dimension, depth, emotion and smile :)

#01 picture is the orginal sketch from mr. Bolland.
#02 picture is his original sketch with some additional shadow by me
#03 Basic color added
#04 the 3 hours speed painting is done. And i see the combination of Jack nicholson and Hugo weaving in him. Haha..

At the end, Smile :)

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