Thursday, 3 May 2012


I like sushi and i love Arale Chan. They are really adorable :) But if you ask me to describe Japan in one word, all i can say is: Spirit. It means Philosophy, discipline, perfection and consistency for a goal and their goodness. Event an atomic bomb or a great tsunami can't defeat their spirit to be a great nation. Japan for me is great spirit. And there's no any other country can match their spirit. Ganbatte!

I made this artwork as a submission for "Stand for Japan" contest on  Today, is the announcement day and i've lost it. But hell with that. I really love the process and i'm proud with the final artwork :)

And tomorrow will be a better day for me, my luck and yours. So, keep the good spirit, folks!

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  1. Great piece of work! Stay passionate about creating, one day you'll win for sure! (Yannig, from eYeka)