Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jeda: Concept and Tone

Remember the Fishy Business (sneak peek) that i posted a month ago? They were just fragments of the artwork. And this is the full preview of the artwork. I drew it based on a surreal short-story called: Jeda, written by a young idealist writer, Rinda Maria. It's just like a collaboration project arranged and curated by herself. Some illustrators will be joined in this project including me.

This is the seventh visual approach that i created for this project (i will show you the other later, perhaps) and it's not the final artwork. She liked with it (praise the Lord), but the final artwork will be executed by manual technique, not the digital one (like shown above).

Thanks for the challenge, Rinda. I hope the final artwork will be better than this one. *fingercross

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